darkacademia's Journal


I seem to hold some rather controversial opinions, so you may want to consider that before adding me to your friend list. Be prepared for me to disagree with you on something (even if I don't do so openly) or to perhaps make a post about something you don't like. Both conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, will have reasons to find my views potentially offensive. For instance:

I am a minority who knows better than to expect special treatment because I know life isn't fair. I am jaded and realistic, yet thoughtfully optimistic.

I am a registered Democrat who plans to vote for McCain. I believe in Federalism, a strong national government that trumps those of the states, but am in support of a representative government with an electoral voting system as opposed to a pure democracy. I think "the people" are too ignorant to make wise political decisions without becoming a tyranny of the majority, but should have the freedom to make choices which impact their own personal lives. I lead a mostly conservative lifestyle (publicly), but have fairly liberal opinions in regard to society. I agree with almost all of Hillary Clinton's policies, but not with her stance on the Iraq War. I disagree with most of George W. Bush's policies, but agree with his stance on the war, support him as the current President of the United States, and believe our country and interests are much safer because of his time in office (just not in regard to the economy). I don't think he's the tyrant people paint him as, but that Obama would be. I also think he's a rather swell guy, but relies too much on religion to form his social policies.

I support gay marriage, but do not believe homosexuality is inherently genetic. I am pro-choice because I think abortion is a wonderful form of population control that is more "humane" than infanticide (which has been widely accepted throughout much of human history). I don't think anyone is deserving of anything but that which they're able to acquire for themselves, the methods of which are moot and inconsequential. I believe in societal conditioning for logistical purposes, but do not think it has anything to do with "morality." I am strongly at odds with atheism, holding to the belief that evolution has favoured religion as a social tool.

I'm on your side, but I'm not. I agree with you, but I don't. Assume that making assumptions is a bad idea.

If you have strong objections to any of these positions, you may want to think twice before keeping tabs on me. I don't mind if you do, but I don't see the point of subjecting oneself to stimuli which only serves to produce stress.

With that said, I do make an effort to be friendly. I'm not always good at expressing it, though. Be prepared to get the wrong impression from me quite frequently, so a suggestion is to try clarifying something with me before you explode into some laughable form of righteous indignation.